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Cory L. Hojka
Umair A. Qadeer
  With academic training at Harvard, the University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois and experience working at top U.S. law firms, ‎the attorneys at Hojka Qadeer have the expertise required to solve the most difficult problems in intellectual property law. Our attorneys have the technical knowledge needed to understand cutting edge science and engineering and the legal acumen to translate complex legal issues into practical strategic choices for your business.

We efficiently seek the broadest possible protection for your new and innovative ideas, and we help you maximize the value of that protection. We not only obtain patents, negotiate agreements, resolve IP disputes, and find solutions to your other intellectual property issues--we‎ get you the right patent, the right agreement, the right settlement, and the right solution for your business. At Hojka Qadeer, we tailor our services to generate the best legal solutions for your business at prices you can afford.